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 February, 6 2012
 Safety First Fire Equipment Testing
 Safety First- Expanding in 2015!

Chief, is your list of things to do keep growing and growing?


As Chief of my department I truly understand the often hectic and busy schedule that comes with the territory. Being a Chief Officer these days certainly can be challenging. Making sure the members are trained, completing paperwork, taking care of maintenance and list keeps growing and growing.

That is why I designed Safety First to be a “one stop shopping” for testing requirements. We have organized the business in a way you can make one phone call and your fire hose, Ladders, SCBA bottles, and apparatus pumps are tested to the recognized standards. We have also designed a website to allow you 24 hour access to all your records.


Fire Hose Testing

2011-04-21 18.50.42 Safety First has tested over 1.5 million feet of hose since 2007. A proven system of testing hose, getting the rig back in service in a timely manor and proper documentation. Exceeding your expectations is the norm!


On Site Hydrostatic Testing

IMAG0065 Safety First Fire Equipment Testing offers Mobile   hydrostatic testing services of most types of D.O.T. rated cylinders, both steel and aluminum. At your station, competent testing and safety are stressed. Quick turn-around time and careful handling of cylinders are also important considerations.
Most cylinders can be tested and back
in service in several hours.

City of Waterbury, CT. - 90 bottles - 1 day
East Greenbush Fire - 87 bottles - 1 day
Solvay Fire Dept. - 76 Bottles - 1 day
Clinton Heights Fire - 44 bottles - 1 day

All bottles are returned to packs and in service


Fire Service Pump Testing

Pump Testing

Safety First offers a comprehensive fire service pump test program to determine compliance with NFPA 1911 Standard for Inspection, Maintenance, Testing, and Retirement of In-Service Automotive Fire Apparatus 2007

Why Test your fire pumps?

The main reason to test your pumps is for the confidence in knowing that the apparatus is fully functional and prepare to work when needed. Additionally, a centrifugal fire pump is a mechanical device, like your car. The very moment it is put into service it is being worn out. By testing your apparatus annually,you have the ability of predicting your maintenance budget requirements 2 to 3 YEARS IN ADVANCE! 


Fire Ground Ladder Testing


Safety First offers a comprehensive ground ladder testing as per NFPA 1932. Which states that all ground ladders shall service tested on the following schedule:

-Before being place in service

-At Least Annually

-Suspected as being unsafe

-Has been subjected to overloading

There are 4 different tests that we performed annually per NFPA 1932:

 -Visual Inspections
 -Extension Ladder Hardware Test
 -Roof Hook Test
 -Horizontal Bending Test


Heat Senors

Per NFPA 1932: If the heat sensor label has an expiration date and that date has passed, or there is no date on the label, the heat sensor label shall be replaced.



Whether you are a Chief Officer, Board member, Commissioner we all know the importance of proper documentation. Safety First takes great pride in providing each customer with a timely and complete documentation of all services performed. In addition to the records provided, we also provide 24 hour access to all records at no extra charge.

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Safety First Fire Equipment Testing
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